04 Jan

Limitless Love, Ceaseless Joy, Boundless Peace, and Endless Hope 

This series of blog posts are based on my lifelong journey to find a practical way to achieve spiritual simplicity and sincerity in my everyday life. Few have achieved this enlightened state without physically separating themselves from the world around them, such as hermits and ascetics. It is easier to find God and meditate in a monastery, convent, hermitage, or other spiritually antiseptic bubbles. The real test is to do so in the real world of bills, babies, and building a career. 

My experience has taught me that our culture encourages individuals to strive for success. Success is generally understood as collecting the brass rings of wealth, fame, or power, ideally all three. I believe that our spiritual essence craves love, peace, joy, and hope. I have found that having more doesn't always translate into being more at peace with myself and the world around me. I have been blessed to visit homes of the poor and the rich and found some of them equally filled with spiritual richness. If society's success didn't consistently deliver what I truly wanted in life, I needed to discover a better vision.

 My journey began by exiting the expressway of achievement and turning right onto a less traveled road where I discovered that the essential virtues of love, joy, peace, and hope are not things to be achieved but gifts or graces to be received. They flow naturally and spontaneously from certain key qualities. These prerequisites of love, joy, peace, and hope (the four pillars of soul-satisfying spirituality) are built on a foundation of personal authenticity. 

I will share my own experiences throughout this blog series, be they mystical, humorous, or tragic. For example, in 2020, I lost my wife of over forty years. Her death has been the most painful event of my life, yet I walked hand in hand with peace while still grieving my loss, consoling my children and grandchildren, and administering my spouse's financially convoluted estate. Out of this great suffering has come insight and a love beyond all imagination and my wildest dreams. I desire to help heal the broken hearts and spirits in what appears to be an increasingly broken world. 

 Next installment: A WORLD OF MORE were I examine the demands the world of more make upon me and you, what the effects the compliance of those demands produces, and what the basic essence of these demands are.

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